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City Island

Watched OnDemand Saturday night. As the movie progressed, I was compelled to keep watching all the way through. But by the end, the whole thing felt like a dramatic "Three's Company" episode. That is, there are numerous half-baked schemes and misconceptions that are devised by the characters. But unlike "Three's Company" where these scenarios may have yielded a big punchline, here they just make you question the integrity of the writing, especially in the final scene of the film. Specifically (spoiler alert)
  • Why would the Andy Garcia character not think his lie about acting classes would make his wife suspicious that he was cheating on her? Especially since his marriage wasnt stable?
  • Why would the parents accept their daughter as a stripper just becuase she was unjustly punished at college for smoking pot?
  • Why would Andy Garcia feel it appropriate to trust the convict enough to leave him alone with his family?
  • Was the son's plotline pertaining to that obesity fetish really necessary? (end spoiler alert)

If these were plot-lines were related to a "Three's Company" episode, I would want to tune in. But in "City Island" these are shortcomings. ANd these shortcomings move this movie down the list from "Wait for the DVD" to "If you happen to be flipping channels and you happen to catch this, you may want to watch". The acting was fine, the editing was good, but the script needed more work.


Pete said...

Well I liked it :)

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