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Superman (1978)


I've seen or all parts of this movie numerous times in the past 23 years. But here's what I noticed about this movie this past weekend.

Lex Luthor lures superman into his lair. He then explains to Superman the plan for the primary crime of the movie. Specifically, buy up all the real estate east of the California fault line. Then, detroy the land west of the fault line. In doing this, Lex would then own all beach front land and he will get rich.

A: If the west coast was destroyed, wouldn't Lex be the #1 suspect? Wouldn't his recent land purchase be a dead givaway?

B: Why explain all this to Superman? If Lex gets caught, he's screwed. Superman would totally reiterate this plan in a court of law.

Not one of Lex's greatest schemes.

City Island

Watched OnDemand Saturday night. As the movie progressed, I was compelled to keep watching all the way through. But by the end, the whole thing felt like a dramatic "Three's Company" episode. That is, there are numerous half-baked schemes and misconceptions that are devised by the characters. But unlike "Three's Company" where these scenarios may have yielded a big punchline, here they just make you question the integrity of the writing, especially in the final scene of the film. Specifically (spoiler alert)
  • Why would the Andy Garcia character not think his lie about acting classes would make his wife suspicious that he was cheating on her? Especially since his marriage wasnt stable?
  • Why would the parents accept their daughter as a stripper just becuase she was unjustly punished at college for smoking pot?
  • Why would Andy Garcia feel it appropriate to trust the convict enough to leave him alone with his family?
  • Was the son's plotline pertaining to that obesity fetish really necessary? (end spoiler alert)

If these were plot-lines were related to a "Three's Company" episode, I would want to tune in. But in "City Island" these are shortcomings. ANd these shortcomings move this movie down the list from "Wait for the DVD" to "If you happen to be flipping channels and you happen to catch this, you may want to watch". The acting was fine, the editing was good, but the script needed more work.


Watched this on Saturday night with Andrea, Galen, and Casey at the Montclair Clearview Cinema.  I really enjoyed it overall.  Stephen Dorff's character really develops throughout the film.  It definitely has a slow independent feel, not a lot of drama/conflict/action.  Which is what I expected.  There are a lot of scenes that do not cut away for what seems like a really long time and it draws you into the scene.  You travel through a lot of random locations.  The movie seems to focus on passing moments rather than where they occur, and each scene is perfectly framed.  Another bonus is that Phoenix was involved with the soundtrack.  So I would definitely recommend it!


I watched this Saturday night via Cinemax on Demand. I thought it was good. Ben Stiller was great in a not-so-comedic role. It felt like a Wes Anderson movie, which stands to reason (see link to IMDB above). It was good more due to the characters than the actual story. Not to say that the story was bad, but I was interested in seeing the characters, especially Ben Stiller who played the role of an unstable person. His character reminds me of people I know. I enjoyed watching it. I would recommend it.

Stardust Memories

Watched for the second time in 15 years. It was good. That night, I laid in bed trying to figure out where I rank this amoungst all of Woody's movies. I think this is somewhere right in the middle. Its not one of his small movies. I think it may have been a bit pretentious/trying-to-be-arthouse. But it is DEFINITELY worth watching if you are a Woody Allen fan. Not because its great. In fact the woman/relationship element of the ending seems incomplete. But it is necessary if you want to discuss ALL of the different types of things Woody has created.

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