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Superman (1978)


I've seen or all parts of this movie numerous times in the past 23 years. But here's what I noticed about this movie this past weekend.

Lex Luthor lures superman into his lair. He then explains to Superman the plan for the primary crime of the movie. Specifically, buy up all the real estate east of the California fault line. Then, detroy the land west of the fault line. In doing this, Lex would then own all beach front land and he will get rich.

A: If the west coast was destroyed, wouldn't Lex be the #1 suspect? Wouldn't his recent land purchase be a dead givaway?

B: Why explain all this to Superman? If Lex gets caught, he's screwed. Superman would totally reiterate this plan in a court of law.

Not one of Lex's greatest schemes.


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